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I'm A Warrior (Screwed & Chopped)

This song is by Lil' Flip.

Ah I'm tired of all dis talkin'(all dis talkin')
I dnt no what y'all herd (y'all herd)
But I'm a warrior (warrior)
Lets go!

Real niggas (what up)
?Clova? Gs (what up)
If yo ain't talkin' bout fightin den you need to (shut up)
Ima warrior nigga
I ain't scared of you nigga
Ima gangsta bowi
Ill put lead in you nigga

(Lil Flip)

If you dis Lil Flip, ima find you nigga
If you forgot ima G, ima remind you nigga
I got pimps on my team that will cut up mayne
I got pimps on my team that will fuck you up
I ain't neva been a hoe
I neva run from a fight
I'm tha one tha hoes love
But tha niggas don't like
'Cause I made it out tha hood
Now my team doing great
Niggas finally get a break now they think they got weight... Nigga
I've bin straight
You tha one goin' broke
I got 300 grand round my throat
'Cause I'm tha hardest MC reppin "H Town"
Keep playin', ima leave ya wiv ya face down.

(Lil Flip)

Huh! Niggas know me I ain't scared of a bitch nigga
'Cause you know a ?rot? chain ain't shit to a rich nigga
And jus bcuz you herd that I rap
You don't know a nigga
Now gimme that
That ain't tha right way to hold a pistol
You toy soldiers gon catch 5 and role ova
While me and tha otha clova Gs blow ???
And if yo bitch made
Ima run across yo face with a swish blade
Now take that

(Lil Flip)

Ill b a memphas 10
Il b wiv juice and bowler
I get money for skinin pimp (why)
'Cause dats my dwag
Il b with killaz and convicts that puuut in work
I can blow 5 mil
??Let me bill now I'm hurt??
'Cause I learn tha game
Befo I earn my change
And I will pay you back if yo mention my name (uh)
It cud be yo mail man at tha front dow
Or it could be your biggest fan in tha front row
I like drama so call ya momma
I gotta larma
That's what ya get bitch fucking with a big timer
A rich nigga with chrome triggers for all y'all
And niggas fuck me?
No... its fuck y'all

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