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Candy On Chrome

This song is by Lil' Flip.

(Verse 1: Big T)
I been really trryyiinn' baaabby
Tryin' to come down da slab for so looonngg yeah
And if you feel like T feel baby
Want cha come on Ooh!
Come on WOO!

(Chorus: Big T)
Candy on chrome OOOW!
Candy, candy on chrome
Slabbed out baby
Candy on chrrroooommmeee
Candy on chrroommee

(Verse 2: Big T)
We're all in-house playas wit' so much to gain
And it ain't no thang: woo)
But since we got to be here, let's swang
'Cause I love it, thereeeee's nothin' wrooong
With T comin' thrroouugghh, baby not at aaaalllll
Heeey, droppin' my slab with me and you can never go wrong
'Cause my slab is true, ooh baby
I say woo hoo hoo!
Don't you know how sweet and wonderful chasin' can beeeeee
Woo hoo!
Riiide watchin' streets baby and poppin' trunk wit' meeee
I say woo woo, I say woo!
I ain't gonna wooorry 'cause I'm lookin' gooooddd
Like a playa shhoouulldd gurl
I said come on come on come on come on come on baby
Let's floss through the hoooooddd

(Chorus: Big T)
I'm ridin' candy on chrome
Candy on chrome
You know what I'm talkin' aboooout true drop baby
Heey heeeey!
And let the slabs come OUT!
If yoouuu believe in slabs let's get it ooonnn
Ridin' on chrome baby, this man is hard yeah
I'm ridin' on candy chrome: EEEEEEEE!)
Just candy chrome, HOOW HHOOOWWW!

(Verse 3: Lil' Flip)
Hey, Southside G's ride nothin' but reeeed
You can ask Bevis I get nothin' but heeaadd
I drink so much I sleep wit' my cup in da beeedd
All I gotta do is pop trunk to turn the heeaad
I'm on 84's and I'm actin' baaadd
My paint job look like a maxi ppaaaddd
They call me Lil' Flip mayne I thought you knneeww
I'm the first one to freestyle 10 minutes on scrreewww
Me and Big T in da Escalaaddeee
Like Lil' Troy it's a better wway
I ride on chrome each and every day
Every song I get I'm gettin' radio playeedd
I'm only 18, but my candy DRIP
If you got cavaties don't like ya LIPS
And the freestyle king is my NICK NAME
I let my bumper kit HANG, while I grip GRAIN

(Verse 4: Big T)
I said come on come on come on come on come on DARLIN'
Let's floss through the hooooooodddd
Ooh ooh!

(Chorus: Big T)
Candy on chrome
I'm ridin' on candy to chrome baby
Yes I do baby I got to ride on chrome
Candy on chrome
You don't have to worry 'cause I'm on da phooooone
Candy on chhrrrooommmeee
'Cause if the 3's move ya' the phones will groove ya'
Candy on chrroommee
Woo and let da top on doowwnnn HO HOOOOEEE!
Get it on, on chrome baby
I said baby can you feel me
'Cause dem choppas be lookin' like
Ho hoooeee!
Oh baby baby can you feeeelll meee
Oh yeah 'cause dem choppas be lookin' like
Ho hooooeeee!

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