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This song is by Lil' Flip and appears on the album The Leprechaun (2000).

(Lil' Flip)
I'm Lil' Flip
Takin' trips to Cancun
Drop the tape
My cartoon comin' soon
Blowin' up like a hot air balloon
Livin' in a penthouse wit 25 rooms
Houston, Texas Benz N Lexus
Find me on the freeway drivin' reckless
Wear sunglasses when you look at my necklace
Worldwide respected
Top 10 selected

Horses wit my boxers on
Horses wit my boxers on
Horses wit my boxers on
You got yo t-shirt and yo panties
I got Trojans wit my boxers on

(Deep Threat)
Picture this:
Girl me and you
In our water bed
In the shower too
The water's fine
Say what's on your mind
Don't see nothin' wrong
With some bump and grind
I'm gone break you off
Like a playa should
Like side to side
Baby it's all good
I'm not lookin' 4
Girl no love affair
If you ride with me
You know ill take you there

(Chorus repeat 2 times)

(Deep Threat)
Sittin' here
And you're layin there
Layin there
And you're willin' to share
Ya freaky thoughts
Baby wit me too
You got ya t-shirt on
And ya panties too
The warm caress
Of ya body next to mine
It's rated X
And it's so devine
I wanna come inside
If ya want me to
Open up
And let me prove it to you

(Lil' Flip)
Girl I'm from Cloverland
Call me Trojan Man
Bump and Grind
I ain't wit that holdin' hands
When I wreck I hit hard like Jackie Chan
If you fine like Mya
I'll be ya man
I like jazzy girls
And classy girls
You know I'm rich so don't ask me girl
Sometimes the nice girl can be the nasty girl
I'm a freak
Don't neva put it past me girl
I got my trojans and my boxers on
At school I got my dockers on (my docker's on)
Jenny Jones and Nia Long
We don't have to get a room, I got plenty homes
I rap fast or slow, while stackin dough
Dress like I just won a fashion show
Me humpin AP after mo
We diss niggaz only if
It ain't plat or gold
You wanna hear some Keith Sweat
How bout some Deep Threat (Deep Threat)
Girl I'm a playa
Don't get the sheets wet
Lemme put a passion mark on yo neck
And I'll let you kiss my shiny baggettes
I need a sweet lady just like Tyrese
Def Soul puttin' it down wit Sucka Free (Down wit Sucka Free)
The Click I claim is HSE
You wanna know what I'm wearin
Wait and see (ooh)

(Chorus repeat 4 times)


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