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Ain't No Nigga

This song is by Lil' Flip and appears on the album U Gotta Feel Me (2004).

(Feat. David Banner)

(Chorus: Lil' Flip + (David Banner))
Ain't no nigga like a H-town nigga
Cause the rest of y'all niggaz ain't shit (ain't shit)
(Ain't no nigga like a Mississippi nigga
So the rest of y'all niggaz eat-a-dick) (eat-a-dick!)
Them niggaz talkin' shit (mayne fuck that bitch!)
Them niggaz talkin' shit (mayne fuck that bitch!)
Them niggaz talkin' shit (mayne fuck that bitch!)
Them niggaz talkin' shit (I'm a dump my clip!)

(Verse 1: Lil' Flip)
I'm takin' my haterz off I'm drinkin' a cup or two
Y'all niggaz ain't trill that's why we don't fuck with you
Y'all don't smoke dro, and y'all don't drank lean
Bananna scare face and the Underground king
Now you hear me (Ooh!), now you feel me (Ooh!)
Now you love it nigga we still thuggin'
My twenty-fours rubbin cause my rims are too heavy
I got my own liquor now I can't hold the wheel steady
'Cause I been drinkin' while as the lights blinkin
My Rolls gold shinin with the mall, black diamonds (yup)
Me and Banner tag teaming again
Wake ya lazy ass up you bad dreamin' again

(Verse 2: David Banner)
I walk into the party mayne bustin' and sprayin
Bitches flyin through the air of the shit that you sayin'
If you ballin nigga bring it mayne FUCK YO CLICK!
Once again all in David Banner, Lil' Flip
Like a pimp, get crunk, hoe collect me some ends
And if you trill send it out girl bring all ya friends
We blowin' swisha, Mr.Mississippi all in ya back
When it's over you can hop yo ass right straight out the 'Lac
Respect that-from the time of the jack it's all good
With some leather on my seats, steering wheel all wood
Mayne go on tell the feds like a pussy nigga should
Yeah tick, tick, tick bitch we blowin' up ya hood!

(Verse 3: Lil' Flip)
You got Mr.Crunk-and-Mr.Layed back
And if you hated 'Like A Pimp' bitch this the payback
We droppin' hit after hit you know they feelin' us man
You want us both for a show that's thirty-five grand (nigga)
And we don't take checks we want the green man
Don't make us run up with that infrared beam man

(Verse 4: David Banner)
Man I'm all after ya momma house, gun in yo mouth
And I'm a try to blow ya brains out
And remember what you niggaz say about the south
Now they want a beat, now they want a verse
Now it's gonna hurt but you niggaz caused pain
I'm a put it in ya back with my Mississippi mac
That's it bitch have a good day!
It's A-to the B C for the niggaz who couldn't bring my cash
It's left, to the right, to the left, to the right
When a motherfucker whippin yo ass

(Chorus - repeat to end)

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