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In The Dark I See

This song is by Lights.

Here in the stillness the quiet place
Where I'm lying with a downturn face
You come and distract me
From what's coming at me
Give me something to look forward to
Truth be told, sometimes it's only you
Nothing is at stake here
When we are awake here

It's you who brings the morning
And you who takes the sun when I sleep
You're the only one who stuck around
For me, when I was losing
Faith in what I thought I would be
You're the only one in the dark I see

The dark I see x2

I know I lose my heart so easily
Try to only show the best of me
I go into hiding each time I stop trying
Oh you, remind me of the little things
Till I forget the part that's troubling
And I feel so much better
When we are together

The dark I see x2

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