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Rooster Blues (1960)

Lightnin' Slim - Rooster Blues

Rooster Blues

  1. Rooster Blues
  2. Long Leanie Woman
  3. My Starter Won't Work
  4. G. I. Slim
  5. Lightnin's Troubles
  6. Bed Bug Blues
  7. Hoo-Doo Blues
  8. It's Mighty Crazy
  9. Sweet Little Woman
  10. Tom Cat Blues
  11. Feelin' Awful Blues
  12. I'm Leavin' You Baby

Nothin' but the Devil (1996)

Lightnin' Slim - Nothin' but the Devil

Nothin' but the Devil

  1. Long Leanie Mama
  2. My Starter Won't Work
  3. It's Mighty Crazy
  4. Blues at Night
  5. I'm Leavin' You Baby
  6. Feelin' Awful Blues
  7. Sweet Little Woman
  8. Lightnin's Troubles
  9. I Gonna Leave
  10. Rooster Blues
  11. G.I. Slim
  12. Driftin' Blues
  13. Too Close Blues
  14. My Little Angel Child
  15. Greyhound Blues
  16. I Just Don't Know
  17. Somebody Knockin'
  18. Just a Lonely Stranger
  19. Cool Down Baby
  20. Nothin' but the Devil
  21. Goin' Away Blues
  22. I'm Tired Waitin' Baby
  23. Death Valley Blues
  24. Hello Mary Lee

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b.1913, d.1974

  • Instruments: vocals, guitar
  • Occupation: guitarist, singer, songwriter

Real name:

Lightnin' Slim is a performance name for Otis V. Hicks.

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