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Tom Moore's Blues

This song is by Lightnin' Hopkins and appears on the compilation Blues With a Message (2005).

Yeah, you know it ain't but the one thing
You noticed black man it did was wrong
Yeah, you know it ain't but the one thing
You noticed black man it did was wrong
What was that?
You know that's when I moved my wife and family
I moved them down on Mister Tom Moore's farm

Yeah you know there was four Moore brothers
Tom, Townes, Harry and Steve
Do you know them four Moore brothers boy
They'll give you anything in the world you need
You may ask Mister Tom for a favor
He'll take you o'er to see Mister Steve
Townes say we ain't putting down nothing Lightnin' until
Credit receipt
That was four Moore brothers
Boy them the meanest men I've ever seen
Yeah you know that they're in Washington County
Now them fools done fenced it in

Yeah yeah, you know I got a telegram this morning
Say, my wife is dead
Showed it to Mister Moore, he said, "Go ahead, Lightnin'
Do you know you gotta plow old Red"

That white man says, "It's been raining, yes, and I'm way behind
I may let you bury that woman Sam, one of these old dinner times"
I told him, "No, Mister Moore, wow somebody's gotta go"
He said, "If you ain't able to plow, Sam
Stay up there and grab your hoe"

And I had to cry, I stepped off to myself and cried like this
Lard have mercy
Man this isn't mean good

You know you had a lil brown Jersey
I'm talking about a cow man
She walked to the fence and lowed, low calf
Wow, she walked up to the fence and lowed

You know she would let no one be here till you tell the captain
Any way you meet that man Tom Moore

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