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Tim Moore's Farm

This song is by Lightnin' Hopkins and appears on the compilation album All the Classics 1946 - 1951 (2003) and on the compilation album Texas Thunderbolt (2007).

Yeah, you know it ain't but the one thing
Yeah you know this black man done was wrong
Yeah, you know it ain't but the one thing
You know this black man done was wrong
Yes, you know I moved my wife and family down
On Mr.Tim Moore's farm

Yeah, you know Mr.Tim Moore's a man
He don't never stand and grin
He just said, "Keep out of the graveyard, I'll save you from the pen"
You know, soon in the morning, he'll give you scrambled eggs
Yes, but he's liable to call you so soon
You'll catch a mule by his hind legs

Yes, you know I got a telegram this morning, boy
It read, it say, "Your wife is dead"
I show it to Mr.Moore, he said, "Go ahead, nigger
You know you got to plow old Red"

That white man says, "It's been raining, yes, and I'm way behind
I may let you bury that woman, one of these old dinner times"
I told him, "No, Mister Moore, somebody's got to go"
He says, "If you ain't able to plow, Sam
Stay up there and grab your hoe"


Written by:

Sam Hopkins; Mack Mccormick

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