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This song is by Lightnin' Hopkins and appears on the album Mojo Hand (1962) and on the compilation album Mojo Hand: Blues Collection (1991).

Woah you know Christmas time is coming now baby, tell me those Santa Clause gon' come to you
Woah you know Christmas time is coming now, tell me those Santa Clause gon' come to you
You know I'm ol' Santa myself darling I'm gonna bring you a present, and do the little things that you may want me to

Yeah you know I went down Main street in New York City, ol' Santa Claw had a bell in his hand
Yes you know I went down in New York City I saw Santa Claw, he was standing there with a bell ringing in his hand
Why you know the poor children was running up hollering you gone come to me Santy?, he said little girl please put something in ol' Santa's hand

Woah all have the cities old people lining the young ones, yes to learning them exactly what to do
So sweet is so sweet to see these old people, lining the young children just what to do
Mother said many years ago Santa clause come to me, now this yesr he gon' come to you

My little sister take your stocking now, hang it on the head of the bed
Talking to a friend she said take your stocking, and please it hang it up on head of the bed
She said you know we all God's saint children, in the morning ol' Santa Clause gon' see that we all is fed

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