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Freight Train

This song is by Lightnin' Hopkins and appears…

This song is a cover of "Hobo Blues" by John Lee Hooker.
Show me where to cut his throat boys, man 'cause I'm gonna kill him dead
He hadn't been a Hobo
I wouldn't done nothin' with him

Well I first started hobo'in, bo'in, bo'in...
I take a freight train to be my friend, oh Lord
My little baby, I wonder why she do it

My baby she followed me
She followed me one mornin', one mornin'
Down to the train oh Lord
Oh if I don't see you, see ya tomorrow, tomorrow
You will be my end, oh Lord, Yes!

I was standin' at the station
When that big train turned around the bend
My baby leavin' on that train
I said I may not see you in God knows when
Then I had to holler

My baby's gone, my baby's gone, my baby's gone
To ne're return no more

Oh Lord, oh Lord that sweet little woman, that I had
Oh man in my life before
Say it just a minute and just get it out a minute...


Written by:

Robert Ellen

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