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Irony Is For Suckers

This song is by Lifetime and appears on the album Hello Bastards (1995).

Tonight try not to think about things,
Just be happy for one night.
And maybe we could go get a drink

Or maybe you could take me for a drive.
I could show you where I used to live
And where I had my first smoke.

I wonder if you know that it's difficult for me,
Not knowing what to think of things.
Now I'm confused about everything.
It's just sometimes I don't mind.

You tell me everything keeps changing,
But you know that sometimes
It just seems like you're complaining.
You ask a million questions.
It seems so never ending.
You know sometimes I just wish you'd shut your trap.

Let's forget work and let's just listen to the clash
'Cause I can wait. Wait forever now.

Put it down. Let's just walk away from everything
Cause it can't last forever.

I can see you're running out of patience with me.
Irony is for suckers.

Wait for me. I just need a little bit of time
'Cause I can wait for you.

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