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This song is by Lifehouse and appears on the album Diff's Lucky Day (1999) and on the album No Name Face (2000).

Seems my own arrogance
Has knocked me off my feet again
When you know I'm crawling to
You as fast as I can
First teach me to walk
And then I'll learn to dance for you
Like an honest clumsy clown
Tripping along the way

'Cause I am reaching for you
But my arms aren't long enough
And I am running to you
If I could go a little faster
And I am crying to you
But I can't hear my own voice
And I am waiting for you
And trying not to fall asleep now

'Cause I'm clumsily dancing away this fear
Come stumbling closer to you and I'm tumbling over my pride
I will be a fool for you

What are you thinking as you look down on me
Are you frustrated with my inconsistency
Or intrigued that I can find the will to get back on board
Maybe all of this is simply amusing

Repeat Bridge

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