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This song is by Life Is a Fight.

Each day seems harder than the last. I find myself struggling
To live to someone else's fullest potential. let the ugly deliquesce from my face. I jam these fingers down my throat in hopes that tomorrow is easier. easier than yesterday.
A book once filled of photographs, some now removed to prevent onset of pain. I've played this scenario over and over again. I cannot give or take without guilt. every step taken. the forward momentum striking nerves. every step taken. this hole widens in my chest, a vicious cycle of pain that is passed on. you passed this curse, this plague. every touch, every kiss, every embrace... deepens my scars and spreads to others. I cannot love without guilt. time does not heal, it only makes you weaker. this void lets me know I am destined to die alone.
I would lasso her like a cowboy, but my rope isn't long enough. I'm dying here.

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