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Gimme A Stone

This song is by Levon Helm.

They come to me and they start to cry
Say you gotta do something about that guy
They say take this sword, I say thanks a lot
But I do all right with this sling I got

Someone gimme a stone, gimme a stone, gimme a stone
Someone gimme a stone, gimme a stone
Stone that I can hold
Stone that I can throw
Someone gimme a stone, someone gimme a stone

Never had to fight such a real big man
Just gimme a stone and Iæ£l do what I can
See how he laughs when I put out his eye
And there heæ£l fall and there heæ£l die

Someone gimme a stone ...

Absalom, Absalom
Would I die for you my son
I would have it all undone
The way it all came down

When I look at you my son
I see myself when I was young
Saddest thing I ever done
Was put you in the ground

Someone gimme a stone ...

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