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Blues So Bad

This song is by Levon Helm and appears on the album Levon Helm & The RCO All-Stars (1977).

Blues so bad I can't take 'em
Blues so bad I can't shake 'em
Blues so bad that I hurry
To find a place just to worry

I try to drown 'em in drink
But what do you think
The blues can swim
They don't sink

Blues so bad I don't try
Blues so bad I wanna die
Blues so bad that I roll 'em
Blues so bad that I told 'em

My favorite joke
I try to give 'em a toke
But the blues don't burn
They just smoke

Blues so bad I look slouchy
Blues so bad I feel grouchy
Blues so bad I ain't even
The blues so bad that I'm leavin'

I try to get 'em to blow
But what do you know
The blues still come
They don't go


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