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Fast Way

This song is by Letters to Cleo and appears on the album Wholesale Meats & Fishes (1995).

Why you gotta sit in my easychair. What makes you
Think that I would care? When I say to you - what are
You going to do? So I got you to at least say please, that's
How I know that you're on your knees. But I'm thinking
Too. What am I gonna do. To not take the fast way it evens
Out every time. God how I love a boy on the go and what
You've got I just have to know. (And) 'cause what else is there to
Say (when) it's such a sunny day. So I got you to at least
Say please that's how I know that you're on you knees. But
I'm thinking too, baby, are we through? To not take the
Fast way it evens out every time.

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