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Five Minutes Of Relax(Ation)

This song is by Lets Grow and appears on the EP Neverending Story (2003).

My head, like a road without end,
And my mind, my heart wants to run all day
This life wants to stop me crawling,
To stop me searching for my fantasy,
Of fighting the machinery.

Money making, war making, children killing,
Gods creating, salvations buying...

Life's so hard
Sometimes I wish that I'm dead
I grab every fuckin' hope
But I just get nothing.
I'm always climbing to the top,
Next thing I know- my face is on the floor.

I want to continue, so I must drink another cup of sickness,
I must swallow more disease to stay in the race
And I don't wanna do that!
Tonight I'm gonna find my station
I'm gonna take my 5 minutes of relax

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