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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Catfish Blues by Bobo Thomas & Sonny Boy Williamson II
  2. I Want a Bowlegged Woman by Bull Moose Jackson
  3. Hard Lead Pencil by The Honeydripper
  4. Little Red Dress (Drawers) by Jimmie Gordon
  5. Love Operation by Barrel House Annie
  6. Blue Bloomer Blues by Whistlin' Alex Moore
  7. Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon by Charlie Pickett
  8. Doodle Hole Blues by Charley Lincoln
  9. One More Greasing by Georgia Pine Boy
  10. Kitchen Man by Bessie Smith
  11. You Got to Give Me Some of It by Buddy Moss & Josh White
  12. Dresser With the Drawers by Carl Rafferty
  13. Ain't Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee by Clara Smith
  14. Lemon Man by Dan Pickett
  15. Bed Spring Poker by Mississippi Sheiks
  16. Show Me What You Got by Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom
  17. I Want My Hands on It by Big Bill Broonzy
  18. I'm a Rattlesnakin' Daddy by Blind Boy Fuller
  19. I Think You Need a Shot by Champion Jack Dupree
  20. Bumble Bee by Memphis Minnie
  21. The Best Jockey in Town by Lonnie Johnson
  22. Don't Like the Way You Do by Blind Squire Turner
  23. My Daddy Was a Jockey by John Lee Hooker
  24. Pig Meat Papa by Lead Belly
Disc 2
  1. Sweet Honey Hole by Blind Boy Fuller
  2. Banana in Your Fruitbasket by Bo Carter
  3. Mouse's Ear Blues by Cliff Carlisle
  4. I Want Plenty of Grease in My Frying Pan by Margaret Carter
  5. Let Me Play With Your Poodle by Lightnin' Hopkins
  6. I Let My Daddy Do That by Hattie Hart
  7. She Want to Sell My Monkey by Tampa Red
  8. I'm a Mighty Tight Woman by Sippie Wallace
  9. Phonograph Blues by Robert Johnson
  10. She Shook Her Gin by Barbecue Bob
  11. How You Want It Done? by Big Bill Broonzy
  12. Bed Springs Blues by Jimmie Gordon
  13. Fish House Blues by Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom
  14. I Want My Fanny Brown by Wynonie Harris
  15. I've Got Ford Movements in My Hips by Cleo Gibson
  16. Mother Fuyer by Dirty Red
  17. Good Cabbage by Victoria Spivey
  18. It Ain't the Meat by The Swallows
  19. My Baby's Playground by Roosevelt Sykes
  20. Dirty Butter by Minnie Wallace
  21. Wipe It Off by Lonnie Johnson
  22. My Man o' War by Lizzie Miles
  23. She's Got Good Dry Goods by Little Buddy Doyle
  24. Don't Give My Lard Away by James "Stump" Johnson
  25. Cigarette Blues by Bo Carter

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