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Musical soundtrack by various artists.
  1. Prologue - Work Song
  2. Valjean Arrested / Valjean Forgiven
  3. What Have I Done? (Valjean's Soliloquy)
  4. At The End Of The Day
  5. I Dreamed A Dream
  6. Lovely Ladies
  7. Fantine's Arrest
  8. The Runaway Cart
  9. Who Am I?
  10. Come To Me (Fantine's Death)
  11. The Confrontation
  12. Castle On A Cloud
  13. Master Of The House
  14. The Bargain
  15. The Waltz of Treachery
  16. Look Down
  17. Stars
  18. Red and Black (The Abc Café)
  19. Do You Hear The People Sing?
  20. Rue Plumet
  21. In My Life
  22. A Heart Full of Love
  23. The Attack on Rue Plumet
  24. One Day More
  25. On My Own
  26. Upon These Stones (Building the Barricade)
  27. Upon These Stones - At the Barricade
  28. Javert's Arrival
  29. Little People
  30. A Little Fall of Rain
  31. Night of Anguish
  32. The First Attack
  33. Drink With Me
  34. Bring Him Home
  35. Dawn of Anguish
  36. The Second Attack (The Death of Gavroche)
  37. The Final Battle
  38. Dog Eat Dog (The Sewers)
  39. Javert's Suicide
  40. Turning
  41. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
  42. Every Day
  43. A Heart Full of Love (Reprise)
  44. The Wedding Chorale
  45. Beggars at the Feast
  46. Epilogue (Finale)


Lyrics by:

Alain Boublil Wikipedia16 (libretto and original lyrics)

Produced by:

Cameron Mackintosh

English translation:

Based on:

Les Misérables Wikipedia16, 1862 novel by Victor Hugo Wikipedia16

Recording facts:

Recorded at The Royal Albert Hall Wikipedia16, London on 8 October 1995


  • Colm Wilkinson as Valjean
  • Philip Quast as Javert
  • Ruthie Henshall as Fantine
  • Alun Armstrong as Thénardier
  • Jenny Galloway as Mme. Thénardier
  • Lea Salonga as Éponine
  • Adam Searles as Gavroche
  • Hannah Chick as Young Cosette
  • Michael Ball as Marius
  • Michael Maguire as Enjolras
  • Judy Kuhn as Cosette
  • Anthony Crivello as Grantaire

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