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The End

This song is by Leo Sayer and appears on the album Here (1979).

He says he doesn't care
To the girl with the painted hair
And staggers through the angry crowd
Like it isn't there
Feels like a wall of sound
As he crashes down
No one stops to look
When he hits the ground
We're the nouveaux rich
On a one way tip
Living out on a razor's edge
Just to get our kicks
We're gonna take a stand
Till the world is in our hands
And if we win or lose
We don't give a damn
Hollow people living empty lives
Looking vacant in the neon lights
Who need the truth when you can live a lie
Can't stop now it's too late
'Cause we're running blind
Till the end - comes like a thunder
Yeah, and we all fall under
No one gives a damn
Come on now - let's meet the end

He tries to make it home
Head like a block of stone
His eyes so closed up now
His arm so full of dope
There's nowhere left to run
He cries out but no one comes
In the back of some dark alley
He dies alone
Hollow people living empty lives
Hearts feel nothing in the neon lights
Feelings here are so cheap these days
No one really cares
If we lose of if we win
Yeah, were the angry youth
Yeah, don't wanna be like you
Yeah, we do what we want
Till we wanna die
Yeah, we're the nouveaux rich
Yeah, we gotcha in our grip
There's no escape for you
'Cause we're running blind
We're so angry
We're just so angry
We're all so angry
In the end

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