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The Bells Of St. Mary's

This song is by Leo Sayer and appears on the album Just a Boy (1974).

He used to play mouth-organ in a folk club
In a pub they call the Lady Jane
Oh, the sounds as his friends and he would holler
Songs of love and songs of pain.

There wasn't much that he could use his time for
So he used to practice every day
Play the mouth-organ blues and holler
'Someday soon I'm gonna breakaway'.

He used to listen to the bells of St. Mary's
As they would echo through those early days
And sometimes even now he thinks that he still hears them
Though they're but a thousand miles away.

And so he came into this crazy business
And do you know the stars all fell his way?
And he became another of those rock and roll troubadours
And threw that mouth-organ far away.

And so he listens to the bells of St. Mary's
And so their echo haunts him every day
So clear that he could reach out and touch them
Although they're but a thousand miles away
Though they're but a thousand miles away.


Written by:

Leo Sayer & David Courtney

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