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Lost Control

This song is by Leo Sayer and appears on the album Here (1979).

You were out there
And I thought that you were for the asking
I've never been unfair
But I was looking for a love
That would be everlasting
Yes I was
Three years of taking
Anything that I could find
A one-night stand, you understand
Wasn't what I had in mind
Believe me that I lost control
I wanted you and that was
All that really mattered
Oh yeah, oh I lost control
I couldn't tell this whole world had shattered
Lover, all I could see
Was what you whipped on me
And I lost my control
Now he was your man
He had his faults
But you done your best to stick by him
But then one day
Bam! Bam!
He shot you down
Without anybody around who
Would try him
And this is what happened
Three years of taking
Anything that he could find
A one night stand he didn't understand
It wasn't what you had in mind
And I believe that you
Lost control
You ran to me and it felt
Like a whole new feeling, yeah, yeah
Oh you lost control
You had an open wound
That I was so good at healing
Hey but all you could see
Was the good side of me
And you lost control
Oh you know that you lost control
No consideration
We couldn't help ourselves inside
It was a sorry situation
And he came to me one night
And he cried
He said you cut me worse - ow!
Than any woman ever hurt a man
I said, my man, I'm real sorry
But that was not my plan
And I just believe
You see this is what really happened
I, I lost control, that's what I did
I just lost control
My whole world had changed around
And you were runnin' free
When you came to me
Oh we tried and we tried our best
But you and me babe
And him as well
We're all losing in the game
Loves like that, ain't it
You lost, lost, you lost, you lost
All your control, oh baby
I believe to my soul

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