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El Can De Trieste (2006)

Lelio Luttazzi - El can de Trieste

El can de Trieste

  1. El Can De Trieste
  2. Souvenir D'Italie
  3. Boogie Per Tre
  4. Co' Son Lontan De Ti Trieste Mia
  5. Vecchia America
  6. Ritorno A Trieste
  7. Legata Ad Uno Scoglio
  8. Sono Tanto Pigro
  9. L'Ottimista
  10. Il Male Oscuro
  11. Desafinado
  12. Stardust (Polvere di Stelle)
  13. What Did I Do (To Be So Black And Blue)
  14. When You're Smiling
  15. Old Man River
  16. Bashin' Street Blues
  17. The Girl From Ipanema
  18. One More Blues

Songs on Singles

Other Songs

  1. Il Tipo Ideale (featuring Sylvie Vartan)
  2. Io Non Avrei Mai Creduto (featuring Sylvie Vartan)
  3. Incredibile Amore
  4. Rabarbaro Blues
  5. Sono Triste E Disperato (featuring Sylvie Vartan)
  6. Timido Twist
  7. Una Mini (Ma Chi Sei Tu) (featuring Sylvie Vartan)

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1923 d.2010
  • Occupations: television presenter, singer, songwriter, actor, conductor, writer, showman, film director

Years active:

since 1943

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