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Blue On Blue (2006)

Leigh Nash - Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue

  1. Along The Wall
  2. Nervous In The Light Of Dawn
  3. My Idea Of Heaven
  4. Ocean Size Love
  5. Never Finish
  6. Between the Lines
  7. More of It
  8. Angel Tonight
  9. Blue
  10. Cloud Nine
  11. Just A Little
Bonus tracks on Japanese Edition
  1. Run Together
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Blue Sky (A capella version)

Wishing For This (2006)

Leigh Nash - Wishing For This

Wishing For This

  1. Baby, It's Cold Outside (featuring Gabe Dixon)
  2. Maybe This Christmas
  3. Last Christmas
  4. O Holy Night
  5. Hard Candy Christmas
  6. Eternal Gifts
  7. Wishing For This

The State I'm In (2015)

Leigh Nash - The State I'm In

The State I'm In

  1. Spider and the Moth
  2. Cruel Heart
  3. Chicago
  4. Mountain
  5. What's Behind Me
  6. Somebody's Yesterday
  7. The Promise Break
  8. Dreaming out Loud
  9. The State I'm In
  10. High Is Better
  11. Tell Me Now Tennessee
  12. Doing It Wrong

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Other Songs

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  1. A Place For Us
  2. Babe In The Straw
  3. Ben
  4. Charmed Life
  5. Christmas This Year
  6. Father And Son
  7. I've Gotta See You Smile
  8. Kyrie Eleison
  9. Let You Break
  10. Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us (Blessed Jesus)
  11. The First Noel
  12. You're Here

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