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Shake for Me (1979)

Lefty Dizz - Shake for Me

Shake for Me

  1. R.M. Blues
  2. Blue Shadows (take 2)
  3. Take Out Some Insurance
  4. Cummins Prison Farm
  5. I Found Out
  6. Shake for Me
  7. Funny Acting Woman
  8. The Things I Used to Do
  9. Blue Shadows (take 1)
  10. Moose Boogie
  11. One Eyed Woman
  12. All Right, OK, You Win
  13. Lake Shore Drive Boogie

Walked All Night Long (1997)

Louisiana Red - Lefty Dizz - Walked All Night Long

Walked All Night Long

  1. First Degree
  2. Bring Me My Machine Gun
  3. King Bee
  4. Stole From Me
  5. Too Poor to Die
  6. Walked All Night Long
  7. Cold White Sheet
  8. Pinetop
  9. Going Train Blues
  10. I'll Pay the Price
  11. Going Down Georgia
  12. Ever Heard a Churchbell Sound
  13. Mary
  14. Got a Gal With a Dog Won't Bark
  15. The Whole World

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Artist information:

b.1937, d.1993

  • Instruments: guitar, vocals

Real name:

Lefty Dizz is a performance name for Walter Williams.

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