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God Must Have Blessed America

This song is by Lee Dorsey and appears on the album Night People (1978).

God must have blessed America
For us to have so many many things
We've got each and ev'ry kind
All gathered at one time
Say God must have blessed us all

Say Now,
We've got it all, we've got the good,
We've got the bad
And all the in betweens, we've got it all
We've got the rich, we've got the poor
And so much more

Yeah, we've got the muddy Mississippi running wild
And the prettiest women in the world
We've got the music sweeping through your mind
We've done so much in such a little time
We've got it all
We've got it all, yeah.

We've got it all, we've got the north,
We've got the south,
And all the games people play, we've got it all
We've got New York, we've got L.A.
And all along the way we've got
Banjos pluckin' in the hills

We've got soul, folk, gettin' down
We've got the feeling of the whole wide world
We've got the dance, we've got the sound
We've got it all, we've got it all, yeah.


Written by:

Allen Toussaint

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