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Through The Rain

This song is by Lana Lane and appears on the album Queen Of The Ocean (1999) and on the album Love Is An Illusion - Special Edition (2001).

On and on runnin'in the shadows
I've been eluded by love
Can it find me here?
Reach out into the darkness
I've been waiting here for you
We've been through the war
And we've settled the score
I've paid my dues

Get me through the rain
Take me far away lead me to the sun be my only one through the rain

Day by day turns into lonely nightfall
I pray that someday you;ll hear me
Come and rescue me

I call out into the darkness
Only echoes return
Cursing the day that our love went away
Come and ease the pain

Get me through the rain
Take me far away
Lead me to the sun
Be my only one
Throuht the rain

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