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Dunsinane Walls

This song is by Lana Lane and appears on the album Lady MacBeth (2005).

As I stand here all alone
On my journey home
My heart turns to stone

There is nothing left to hear
No more demons to fear
Please don't shed a tear

And so my friends, I bid adieu
Make fast our fate, your aim be true
Remember days in old king's hall
Cut short
The story ends
On Dunsinane wall

Now it's time to say goodbye
As I look to the sky
No tears left to cry

Slowly falling to the ground
Not a sight, not a sound
Freedom finally found

And so my friends, I bid adieu
Our time has come, their story true
Remember us before the fall
Here ends the story of
These Dunsinane walls, dark castle falls
Our Dunsinane walls

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