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Album by Krucifix Klan.
  1. Grump When I Wake (featuring Playa Rob)
  2. Fiya Indo (featuring Crazy Mane)
  3. Get Your Azz Out da Club (featuring Playa Rob)
  4. Gimmie Some (featuring Playa Rob and Drama Queen)
  5. Head Above This Water (featuring Crazy Mane)
  6. Krucifix Is 2 Thick (featuring Stan Man)
  7. Mask on My Face (featuring Playa Rob and Crazy Mane)
  8. Don't Fuck Wit My Kind (featuring Drama Queen, Sir Lance and Skinny Mane)
  9. So Screwed Up (featuring Playa Rob)
  10. North North (featuring Playa Rob and Crazy Mane)
  11. Like a Duck (featuring Playa Rob)
  12. 9 - 5 (featuring Playa Rob)
  13. Pimp Shit Eazy (featuring Drama Queen)
  14. Still Ridin Chevy (featuring Playa Rob)
  15. Niggaz on Bannana Peelz (Instrumental)
  16. Imma Pimp, Pt. 2 (featuring Drama Queen)
  17. Dim da Lights

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