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The Twelves (Dirty Dozen)

This song is by Kokomo Arnold and appears…

Says I want everybody, fall in line
Shake your shimmy, like I'm shaking mine
You shake your shimmy, shake it fast
If you can't shake your shimmy, shake your yas yas yas

Says *I am* with your mama, out across the field
Slipping and a‑sliding, just like an automobile
I hollered at your mama, I told her to wait
She slipped away from me, just like a Cadillac Eight

Say I like your mama, sister too
I did like your papa, but your papa wouldn't do
I met your papa, around the corner the other day
I soon found out, that he was funny that a‑way

Says I went out yonder, New Orleans
The wildcat jumped, on the sewing machine
The sewing machine, sewed so fast
Sewed ninety‑nine stitches, up his yas yas yas

Says God made Adam, made him stout
He wasn't satisfied, until he made him a snout
He made him a snout, just as long as a rail
He wasn't satisfied, until he made him a tail

He made him a tail, just to fan the flies
He wasn't satisfied, until he made him some eyes
He made him some eyes, just to look on the grass
He wasn't satisfied, then he made his yas yas yas

He made his yas yas yas, so he couldn't get a trick
He wasn't satisfied, until he made him sick
He made him sick, and then made him well
You know by that, the big boy's coughing in hell


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