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This song is by Kodak Black and appears on the mixtape Heart of the Projects (2014).

I'm about to go and see the dentist
Bout to go out lurkin for them benjis (hunnids)
In the jag splurging on you bitches
Fuck a paragraph they gave my dawg a sentence
Told ha mind yo fucking business (mind yo damn bines)
Don't know his hitch is in here tripping
I can catch a flix 'n' catching feelings
I pass ha da Molly's made ha lick it
I told dat bitch I really really want ha,

I-It took me so long to get ha numba, (so much time) I told ha please be wid me Ima cuff ha (please be mine) I got her I just fucked her den I dumped her.
(I Fucking lied)
I'm the shit call the motherfucking Plummer
I'm a motherfucker I will fuck yo mother
40 on me I ain't got no time ta rumble,
All these pieces I can make my own puzzle

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