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The First Time I Discovered A Dead Body

This song is by Knives Out! and appears on the album Black Mass Hysteria (2012).

Nails in the coffin
Blood in the streets
Teenage runaway dead before dawn

In the morning sun
I discovered you
Lying as still as the moon
You were as blue as the sea

That was the first time I discovered a dead body

Living a million deaths of desire
The dance of the dead is igniting the fire
Driven to madness and cursed by the light
Slip into shadows that resemble night

Deathbed last confession
Tell me what I want to hear

And then the second time
Was just a few feet away
Hit by a car at high speed
Under the pouring rain

Midnight resurrection
Take me to the sacrifice
Before they mastermind my misery
Exorcise demons

So ugly on the outside
All consuming from the inside out

Angels and demons dancing on your grave
Death lives forever in a spiraling decay
You're beautiful and far too young to die
A pale shade of blue with empty lifeless eyes

Restless apparition over that haunted hill
Thank you for showing me death as a witness
You've opened up my eyes as you slip away

As you fade away

Possess the psyche you bloated cadaver
Swallow my soul if that's what you're after
Fear and fatigue as death reappears
I'll bludgeon the one who invited you here

Deathbed last confession
Tell me what I want to hear

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