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Surrounded by Demons

This song is by Knives Out! and appears on the EP The Rough Cuts (2010) and on the album Black Mass Hysteria (2012).

Death rides a pale horse beside me
I am nothing but hopeless and surrounded by demons
Cursed by a violent possession
Feeding on perversion in a morbid orgy

Shedding my skin and this mortal illusion
Resurrected from the tomb and returning to the womb
I live eternal in the weak and the wounded
A ghost inside your heart, an echo in the dark

Surrounded by demons!

Black mass the midnight procession
Shape-shifting into madness
Breathing heavy and out of control

Moonlit sadistic dissection
It's too late to repent as blood drops from the firmament

...And just before we disappear
Into thin air and far away from here

Madly in love with the sick and the damned
You made me exactly who I am

Demons in the alley ways, devils in the streets
Baptized in fire and all hell is released

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