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As Kindergarten Hazing Ritual:
  1. Ashlee Vanilli (Aka "Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's)
  2. Backstage Bukkakke With Paris Hilton?? Um, No. . .No No No No No
  3. Barbed Wire Dildo
  4. Briana Banks's Secret Death Wish
  5. Calista Flockhart Won't Very Much Like Having A Song About Anorexia Named After Her
  6. Casper Is The Ghost Of Richie Rich
  7. Chest Tattoos Make For Easier Targets
  8. Chew My Root
  9. Did You Eat Craps (J-Rock Got Me Nothing But Enemies Pt 2)
  10. Does Ubisoft Fix Your Mascara When You Cry After Losing?
  11. Does Ubisoft Fix Your Mascara When You Cry
  12. Dr. Uwe Boll?
  13. Elios Fuck Pizza
  14. Fashioncore Is Girls Fault
  15. Fefe Dobson, Dogs Name, Dogs Face, Dogs Talent (Dogs Collar)
  16. Flibbityjibbit
  17. Flight Of The Regulators
  18. Fuck Her, Everyone Else Has Except Me
  19. George Lucas Is The Biggest Douche This Side Of Tattooine
  20. God's In His Heaven, The Street Fighter Movie Doesn't Exist And All Is Right With The World
  21. How Long Before That Pic Of You Kissing Your Bitch Makes You Feel Stupid
  22. I Bet You There Were Otaku In The Heavens Gate Cult
  23. I Challenge The Girl With No Limbs To A Game Of Dance Dance Revolution
  24. If I Win The Lottery, I'm Gonna Pay Hot97 To Play Our Shit
  25. J Rock Got Me Nothing But Enemies
  26. Long Distance Fellatio
  27. My Super Sweet Sixteen Year Late Term Abortion
  28. Neopets Doesn't Count As A Strategy Game
  29. Now I Ain't Sayin Girl Gamers Are Golddiggers. . . .Oh Wait, Yes I Am
  30. Only Pizzafaced Retards Worship Playstation 2
  31. Poon Tank
  32. Respect Me, I'm Not An Object, Stop Hitting On Me, Look At My Boobies!!!!!
  33. Shoujocide
  34. Sucking Dick For Memory Cards
  35. The Song That Killed One Unfortunate Ddr Champ (And Crippled 3 Others)
  36. Why Do Anime Girls Like Intelligent Men?. . . Opposites Attract
  37. Why Princesses Wear Pink
  38. X-Box Murder Mystery: The Home Game
  39. Your Ex Grinfreind Looks Like The Guy From Pod
As +killthemanbecomethemonster+:
  1. 15 Miles. . . .In The Snow! . With No Shoes!!. .That's The Way It Was And We Liked It!!!!
  2. Alysonhanniganroberts
  3. And It Echoed Like Jun Kusanagi's Tortured Screams As She's Fingered By An Overzealous Salaryman
  4. Because Dammit
  5. Driving Under The Influence Of Nyquil
  6. Dumped On Instant Messager
  7. I Don't Support Killing Kittens, But I Do Support Making Girls Cry
  8. I Swear The Blow Up Doll Spoke To Me
  9. Jaime
  10. My Very Own Kelly Lebrock
  11. No You Can't Touch Mine, You Already Broke Yours Off
  12. She Sings Solo (So Low You Can't Hear Her)
  13. She Swears The Dildo Spoke To Her
  14. Sorry, The Princess Are In Another Castle
  15. The Marketing Of Cunt
  16. Why Can't Ironhide Just Say "Decepticon"?
  17. Why Can't Ironhide Just Say

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  • +killthemanbecomethemonster+
  • 0Cadavernamedalison0
  • 0decathexis0
  • Kevorkianesque
  • Cory Monster
  • Eaglebauer Goes To Quiznos
  • Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
  • Make A Change...Kill A Redhead
  • Smile When You're Dead
  • Zombie Ninja Schmoe


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