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You Secretly Want Me Dead (2000)

Kind Of Like Spitting - You Secretly Want Me Dead

You Secretly Want Me Dead

  1. Who Cares How Much
  2. Catch the Redeye Out of Girlfriend Land
  3. Your Favorite Actor
  4. We Got as Far as Minnesota
  5. Do You Need Him Here to Say (Elsa)
  6. Happy?
  7. Maybe We Should Get Married
  8. A Thought from the Kitchen Floor
  9. Motor Boat
  10. Please Don't Sweat the Afterlife
  11. Slow Me Down
  12. Something In The Air
  13. A Song by Eric Mast
  14. I've Realized That Things Aren't Really Good or Bad, at Least It's Better to Avoid Looking at It That Way...
  15. Staring at Your Toy Collection
  16. Afraid of Crushes

Nothing Makes Sense Without It (2000)

Kind Of Like Spitting - Nothing Makes Sense Without It

Nothing Makes Sense Without It

  1. The Short Story Long
  2. Blue Period
  3. At Your Convenience
  4. Birds of a Feather
  5. Robi Point, Stars Above
  6. Out of Harm's Way... Finally
  7. 1330 Oak 1995
  8. Dodge Dart
  9. Haven't Been to the Ocean Sense
  10. Shuffle, Kick, Hum a Tune
  11. Shaggy Dog Shames It's Owner
  12. The Rest Is Up To You

Old Moon in the Arms of the New (2000)

Kind Of Like Spitting - Old Moon In The Arms Of The New

Old Moon in the Arms of the New

  1. Old Moon Meets New
  2. Boy Cries Wolf
  3. Two Violins, Which Are Meant to Represent the Forest
  4. Tyco Racing Set and a Christmas Story Fifteen Times
  5. Dostoyevsky Gets Mugged Outside a Donut Shop in Jersey
  6. On the Subject of Her New Gold Star
  7. Young Fiction Writer
  8. I Know You Heard Me the First Time
  9. 43C

Insound Tour Support #14 (2000)

Kind Of Like Spitting - Insound Tour Support Series, Volume 14

Insound Tour Support #14

  1. Fuck Liz Where Are You?
  2. Now I Can Smile
  3. Bird On A Wire
  4. Prairie Lullaby
  5. Firework
  6. The Last Time I Saw Richard
  7. Continent
  8. Instinctually Restricted the Animal Will Bolt

Kind of Like Spitting (2001)


Kind Of Like Spitting

  1. Crossover Potential
  2. Shuffle Kick Hum A Tune
  3. The Thing About Distance
  4. March 25th, 1998
  5. What A Wonderful Puddle
  6. Just Broken
  7. Rowing A Dead Horse
  8. Through The Sound Of Crashing Pins
  9. Mine
  10. Canoe

One Hundred Dollar Room (2002)

Kind Of Like Spitting - One Hundred Dollar Room

One Hundred Dollar Room

  1. Hook
  2. One Bird, One Stone
  3. Scene
  4. Hoax
  5. This Life, So Unlike the Last
  6. 26 Is Too Soon
  7. B-Side Poetry
  8. Yes, You're Busted
  9. Free Advice
  10. Pick a Town, Find a Box, Live Alone
  11. 11:11
  12. Sex Ruins Everything
  13. Cater
  14. Little Time Bomb

Bridges Worth Burning (2002)

Kind Of Like Spitting - Bridges Worth Burning

Bridges Worth Burning

  1. Passionate
  2. We Are Both Writers
  3. Born Beautiful
  4. He Calls Me
  5. Following Days
  6. I Want Out
  7. Canaries
  8. Tyco Racing Set and a Christmas Story Fifteen Times
  9. This Lemonade Is Terrible
  10. Crossover Potential
  11. Continent
  12. Untitled

Learn: The Songs of Phil Ochs (2005)

Kind Of Like Spitting - Learn- The Songs of Phil Ochs

Learn: The Songs of Phil Ochs

  1. I'm Tired
  2. You Can't Get Stoned Enough
  3. Draft Dodger Rag
  4. That's What I Want To Hear
  5. Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends
  6. Where Were You In Chicago
  7. When I'm Gone
  8. I Ain't Marching Anymore
  9. Remember Me

In the Red (2005)

Kind Of Like Spitting - In The Red

In the Red

  1. Aubergine
  2. We Fell All Over You
  3. Worker Bee #7348-F87904
  4. Spin
  5. In the Red
  6. Sheriff Ochs
  7. Bubble Congress
  8. All Hail
  9. Per Se Wha?!
  10. Song For Annie's Harmonica
  11. Grapes
  12. Line and Sinker
  13. Finishing
  14. Passing Through

Thrill of the Hunt (2005)

Kind Of Like Spitting - Thrill Of The Hunt

Thrill of the Hunt

  1. Thrill Of The Hunt
  2. Middle
  3. Hands
  4. Share The Road
  5. If The Shoe Fits, Cut The Foot Off
  6. To The Wall (Intermission), Pt. 1
  7. To The Wall (Intermission), Pt. 2
  8. Holding Patterns
  9. A Song for You (Leon Russell Cover)
  10. The Thing About Distance (Redux)
  11. Lay Some Happiness On Me
  12. You Got Served
  13. Thirteen (Big Star Cover)

Other Songs

  1. All Else Failed
  2. Beat Down The Kid
  3. Grenada
  4. There It Goes, So It Goes
  5. Timber
  6. Trials Of The Spiky Belt Collective
  7. Valentine's Day Is Over
  8. When Your Heroes Hate You
  9. You

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