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Some Folks

This song is by Kim Mitchell and appears on the album Aural Fixations (1992).

There's some people
Who haven't found
What I've found in you
They don't, they don't really know
What their looking for
Or if it's true

You are my treasure
Diamond, silver, and gold
Your the one I want to hold

Some folks baby
Don't know what their missing
Some folks baby
Don't know 'cause they never ever had
Magic in their love
Ooh fits like a glove

Some folks ain't lucky like you and me
Some people got no one
To hold at night
They keep all their secrets
Alone, yes that's right

We hit the jackpot baby
We're lucky in love
Your the one...

Love can turn you upside down
It can spin you round and round
But you're the one that puts my feet on the ground

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