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Kill Kill Kill (2011)

Kill The Noise - Kill Kill Kill

Kill Kill Kill

  1. Kill the Noise (Part I)
  2. Deal With It
  3. Real Life?
  4. She Likes to Party
  5. Talk to Me
  6. Dying (featuring Ultra Violet Sound and Emily Hudson)
  7. Kill the Noise (Part I) (Dillon Francis remix)
  8. Dying (Brown & Gammon remix)
  9. Kill the Noise (Part I) (Alvin Risk remix)
  10. Deal With It (Koan Sound remix)

Black Magic (2012)

Kill The Noise - Black Magic

Black Magic

  1. Black Magic (Kill The Noise Part II)
  2. Jump Ya Body (Dub Mix) (featuring Mercedes)
  3. Rockers
  4. Mosh It Up
  5. Thumbs Up (with Feed Me)
  6. Saturn (with Brillz and Minxx)
  7. To Be Continued... (featuring Evan Duffy)

Other Songs

  1. Dill The Noise
  2. Recess
  3. Right On Time

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Real name:

Kill The Noise is a performance name for Jake Stanczak.

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