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S+M (A Love Song)

This song is by Kidneythieves and appears on the album Trickster (1998) and on the album Trickstereprocess (2004).

Distant son, nova fucker
Hit and run to another
Took from you, from me
Lash and caress in between
Hit the target won an animal
Got a piece, a trace, a slip inside
Tore a page from the bind

Handed a twisted sadistic
Wanted you to fix it
Chant, cry, moan, lie
Tender garden bang to dry

Pound the love outta me, beat the love outta me

Best I can do, pleasure/pain
Too close to you, I'll blow your ash away
Took from you, from me

Pound the love outta me, beat the love outta me
(Catch me if you can, butter a scent on your hand)

Wigs, whips, chains tied
You laughed, I cried

All I wanted is all you wanted

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