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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Kerouac by Morphine
  2. Bowery Blues by Lydia Lunch
  3. My Gang by Michael Stipe
  4. Dream: Us Kids Swim Off a Gray Pier... by Steven Tyler
  5. Letter to William S. Burroughs & Ode to Jack by Hunter S. Thompson
  6. Skid Row Wine by Maggie Estep (featuring The Spitters)
  7. America's New Trinity of Love: Dean, Brando, Presley by Richard Lewis
  8. Dream: On a Sunny Afternoon... by Helium
  9. MacDougal Street Blues by Jack Kerouac
  10. Brooklyn Bridge Blues by Allen Ginsberg
  11. Hymn by Eddie Vedder
  12. Old Western Movies by William S. Burroughs
  13. Silly Goofball Poems by Juliana Hatfield
  14. Moon by John Cale
  15. Madroad Driving by Johnny Depp
  16. Have You Ever Seen Anyone Like Cody Pomeray? by Robert Hunter
  17. Letter to John Clellon Holmes by Lee Ranaldo
  18. Pome On Doctor Sax by Anna Domino
  19. Mexico Rooftop by Robert Buck
  20. The Last Hotel by Patti Smith
  21. Running Through / Chinese Poem Song by Warren Zevon
  22. Woman by Jim Carroll
  23. Mexican Lonliness by Matt Dillon
  24. Angel Mine by Inger Lorre
  25. Brooklyn Bridge Blues by Eric Andersen

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