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Sensitive Mood

This song is by Kevon Edmonds and appears on the album 24/7 (1999).

I'm in a sensitive mood tonight
I want to kiss you and hold you tight
I want you to feel me deep in your love
Tell me that you haven't got enough

Baby if you will
Let me hold you oh so close
By the fireplace
With candlelights and champagne
Let me hold your hand
Kiss your neck as we slow dance
'Cause the night belongs to romance
When you look into my eyes
And see the tears I cry it's 'cause of you
The one I've always loved
It's like a fairy tale to me
And tonight it's got to be a dream in my mind
That will never go away 'cause

I can't explain what you mean to me
You are my everything and I love you with all my
Heart Mind Body and Soul I love you
Just like the air I breathe
I need you
'Cause when I look deep inside
And realize that I
Never knew real love
Until you came into my life
Now all I do is pray
That you'll never go away
All the love we shared
It could never be replaced 'cause

I have only one thing to give
That's my love and devotion
You have broken down all my defenses
That's why that is why
I'm so sensitive

Chorus out

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