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Kevin Welch (1990)

Kevin Welch - Kevin Welch

Kevin Welch

  1. True Love Never Dies
  2. Praying For Rain
  3. Hello, I'm Gone
  4. Till I See You Again
  5. Some Kind Of Paradise
  6. The Mother Road
  7. Long Way Home
  8. I Am No Drifter
  9. I'd Be Missing You
  10. I Came Straight To You
  11. A Letter To Dustin

Western Beat (1992)

Kevin Welch - Western Beat

Western Beat

  1. Early Summer Rain
  2. The Other Side
  3. I Look for You
  4. Happy Ever After (Comes One Day at a Time)
  5. Something 'bout You
  6. Sam's Town
  7. Webelo Waggle
  8. Same Old Rain
  9. Train to Birmingham
  10. The Restless Kind
  11. Me and Billy the Kid Never Got Along
  12. The End

Life Down Here on Earth (1995)

Kevin Welch - Life Down Here on Earth

Life Down Here on Earth

  1. Pushing up Daisies
  2. Troublesome Times
  3. Wilson's Tracks
  4. I Feel Fine Today
  5. A Feast of Bread and Water
  6. Wishing for You
  7. Kicking Back in Amsterdam
  8. The Love I Have for You
  9. One Way Rider
  10. Life Down Here on Earth

Beneath My Wheels (1999)

Kevin Welch - Beneath My Wheels

Beneath My Wheels

  1. Everybody's Gotta Walk
  2. Anna Lise Please
  3. Hill Country Girl
  4. Fold Your Wings
  5. Beneath My Wheels
  6. Bastard Nation
  7. Every Little Lie
  8. Five Million One Thousand Miles
  9. Full Moon Over Christiania
  10. Shores of Stone
  11. Faith Comes Later
  12. While I Was Loving You

Millionaire (2002)

Kevin Welch - Millionaire


  1. Millionaire
  2. Blanket of Snow
  3. Long Cold Train
  4. Witness
  5. Choose to Believe
  6. Glorious Bounties
  7. Killing Myself
  8. The Sun King and the Winter Moon
  9. I Can Sure Love You
  10. Queen of the Slipstream
  11. When the Sun Shines Down on Me
  12. Stray Dog

A Patch of Blue Sky (2010)

Kevin Welch - A Patch of Blue Sky

A Patch of Blue Sky

  1. Come a Rain
  2. The Great Emancipation
  3. Andaman Sea
  4. Marysville
  5. New Widow's Dream
  6. Midnight and Noon
  7. Long Gone Dream
  8. Answer Me That
  9. That's How It Feels
  10. A Patch of Blue Sky

Other Songs

  1. Down On The Corner
  2. Hill Contry Girl
  3. Lost John Dean

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