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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Stan Lee's Christmas Greeting
  2. Father Christmas by OK Go
  3. TMZ's Harvey "The Hammer" Levin With Some Breaking News
  4. Not Coming Home by Papa Roach
  5. Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Christmas"
  6. Star of Bethlehem by Angels & Airwaves
  7. The 'Lost' Christmas
  8. Little Drummer Boy by Hinder
  9. Santa's Letter to Kevin & Bean Superheroes
  10. Kevin & Bean Superheroes by Greenbrier Lane
  11. Rocking for You by Jurassic 5
  12. Bean Bot
  13. Cleveland from 'The Family Guy'
  14. Just Like Christmas by Snow Patrol
  15. Special K
  16. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Cartel
  17. The Green Eagle
  18. Steve-O's Safe & Sane Christmas
  19. Hazy Shade of Winter by She Wants Revenge
  20. Wrong Man
  21. Will Farrell Presents "Ricky Bobby's Christmas"
  22. Gunther Christmas Song (Ding Dong)
  23. Christmas Vacation by +44
  24. Merry Christmas from Mr. T
  25. The Pet Parent
  26. Twelve Days of Christmas by Taking Back Sunday
  27. Kevin Smith's Christmas Memory
  28. Santa Through the Back Door by Thirty Seconds To Mars
  29. Jingle Bells by Wing
  30. Superwhore
  31. Herbert from 'The Family Guy'
  32. Lights and Buzz by Jack's Mannequin
  33. Roid Rage
  34. Mole's 'Bong Water Dude Man Guy'
  35. Christmastime in Malibu by Federleezy

Album Info

  • This was one of a series of charity holiday albums released by KROQ-FM's Kevin and Bean, and features Christmas songs interwoven with comedy sketches.

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