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One Hit Follows Another (1967)

Kenny Price - One Hit Follows Another

One Hit Follows Another

  1. See Ruby Fall
  2. Wasting My Time
  3. Happy Tracks
  4. You Made Me Lie to You
  5. Somebody Told Mary
  6. After All
  7. Big Operator
  8. Clock
  9. Walking on New Grass
  10. Say Something Nice to Me
  11. That's All That Matters
  12. Hunky Dory

Southern Bound (1969)

Kenny Price - Southern Bound

Southern Bound

  1. Southern Bound
  2. Downtown Knoxville
  3. Yonder Comes a Freight Train
  4. Round Mound of Sound
  5. I'm a Long Way from Home
  6. Sunshine Man
  7. I'm a Ramblin' Man
  8. It Don't Mean a Thing to Me
  9. Grass Won't Grow on a Busy Street
  10. My Goal for Today
  11. Going Home for the Last Time
  12. I Had No Reason for Leaving

The Heavy Weight (1970)

Kenny Price - The Heavy Weight

The Heavy Weight

  1. The Heavyweight
  2. Green, Green Grass of Home
  3. The Shortest Song in the World
  4. Who Do I Know in Dallas
  5. It's Such a Pretty World Today
  6. Try a Little Kindness
  7. If Not for Jennifer
  8. Walk on Out of My Mind
  9. It's Just a Matter of Time
  10. Atlanta Georgia Stray
  11. The Last Song I'm Ever Gonna Sing

A Red Foley Songbook (1971)

Kenny Price - A Red Foley Songbook

A Red Foley Songbook

  1. Alabama Jubilee
  2. Blues in My Heart
  3. Tennessee Saturday Night
  4. Midnight
  5. Steal Away
  6. Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy
  7. Old Shep
  8. Sugarfoot Rag
  9. How's the World Treating You
  10. Peace in the Valley

The Sheriff of Boone County (1971)

Kenny Price - The Sheriff of Boone County

The Sheriff of Boone County

  1. Sheriff of Boone County
  2. Something to Believe in
  3. Alice in Wonderland
  4. Poverty
  5. Just Plain Man
  6. Tell Her You Love Her
  7. Biloxi
  8. Him, Jim, Bill and Me
  9. Tonopah Highway
  10. Big Daddy

Charlotte Fever (1971)

Kenny Price - Charlotte Fever

Charlotte Fever

  1. Charlotte Fever
  2. You Can't Take It With You
  3. Me and You and a Dog Named Boo
  4. Ruby Are You Mad
  5. She Cried
  6. Workin' Man Blues
  7. Jody and the Kid
  8. Destination Anywhere
  9. For the Good Times
  10. Super Sideman

Supersideman (1972)

Kenny Price - Supersideman


  1. Super Sideman
  2. Before My Time
  3. From Here to There
  4. Take Good Care of My Baby
  5. A Thing Called Love
  6. Easy Lovin'
  7. Comin' Home to Kentucky
  8. Take Me
  9. Dr. Feelgood
  10. Would You Take Another Chance on Me

You Almost Slipped My Mind (1972)

Kenny Price - You Almost Slipped My Mind

You Almost Slipped My Mind

  1. You Almost Slipped My Mind
  2. Whiskey Dirt
  3. Show Me a Man
  4. Woman Sensuous Woman
  5. Front of the Bus Back of the Church
  6. San Francisco Mabel Joy
  7. Don't Let the Good Life Pass You by
  8. Till I Can't Take It Anymore
  9. Poor Man's Gold
  10. Hot Rod Lincoln

Sea of Heartbreak (And Other Don Gibson Hits) (1973)

Kenny Price - Sea of Heartbreak (And Other Don Gibson Hits)

Sea of Heartbreak (And Other Don Gibson Hits)

  1. Sea of Heartbreak
  2. Blue Blue Day
  3. I'd Be a Legend in My Time
  4. Far Far Away
  5. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
  6. Sweet Dreams
  7. Just One Time
  8. I Can't Stop Loving You
  9. Oh, Lonesome Me

Turn on Your Light and Let It Shine (1974)

Kenny Price - Turn on Your Light and Let It Shine

Turn on Your Light and Let It Shine

  1. Turn on Your Light and Let It Shine
  2. Losing You Got the Best of Me
  3. All in the Family
  4. Super Hillbilly
  5. When I'm on My Knees
  6. Que Pasa
  7. She Even Loves Me
  8. Lady's Leavin'
  9. Closest Thing to Me
  10. Greener Grass to Walk on

Other Songs

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  1. All I Ever Wanted To Do
  2. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  3. Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy
  4. Give Myself A Party
  5. Green Green Grass Of Home
  6. If Not For Jenniffer
  7. You Can Have Her
  8. You Lay So Easy On My Mind
  9. You Left Me Out Of My Dreams
  10. Jamestown Ferry
  11. Love's Not Hard To Take
  12. My Mountain Dew
  13. Northeast Arkansas Mississippi County Bootlegger
  14. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
  15. River Town
  16. Six String Guitar
  17. Soul Song
  18. Tomorrow Night In Baltimore

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