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Just A Touch (Bad Boy Remix)

This song is by Keith Sweat.

Intro: Mase

Keith Sweat 9 7 Bad Boy Harlem world when you do have no prblem with
Disguise yeah we on the rise don't nobody ca stop us uh uh nobody Mase

First Verse: Mase

Yo I'll give it now if you need it today
Scream Mase if you need me to stay
You can't be happy if you speakin' that way
You lookin' like you need a weekend away
I wanna tell you you're my misses, give you belly kisses
Fulfill your every wishes, hit you with jellyfishes
Me the I, Mase wanna be the guy
See you cry hit you with this remix style
Check this, if I'm lying you correct this
But I know your ex is very sexist
Try to buy your love with a cherry lexus
Give you district gifts
Baguettes and every necklace
But your precious, that's why I sex this
Blink, wake us up too late for breakfast
And if I love you tonight, I'm a touch you right
I'm going to tell all your friends I'm gon fuck you tonight

Verse Two: Keith Sweat

Makes me shine, Just A little bit, just a little bit, baby
It's in my mind, baby, just a little bit, just a little bit
When I touoch you tonight

Chorus: Stevie J

You don't have to worry 'bout a thing, no baby, when I touch you tonight
When I touch you tonight

Repeat 2X

Verse Three: Keith Sweat

Being loud, just a little bit, just a little bit, baby
Makes me sound, just a little bit, just a little bit
When I touch you tonight
(Keith Sweat) Bring it on baby, you don't have to worry 'bout a thing
When I touch you tonight

Verse 4: Pierre

Can I touch you tonight, it ain't like your man round here
Rubbing you right or cuddling you tight, I ain't meet you yet
My name is Cardan, ladies I keep you wet
I'm all about having fun, why I wanna see you stressed
Your name Yvette, many baguettes on your neck
Keepin' you then in sex, bumping me and Keith Sweat
I wanna make the stuff that makes you blush, plus shake your butt
Even had the peoples dancing that be laying in the cut
You know how we rock, never 54 reeboks
I give you mean rocks plus whip the 3 drops, I want
It all so you say it's my greedy day, tracks from Stevie J
Get me open like 5 to see me gray, I never thought
That nobody could have me twisted like you boo
Your crew storm, beep the horn, sippin on the Yohoo
Let your hair out or you get out
If we touch tonight you make it hot
Tomorrow we meet at your house

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