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Come Back

This song is by Keith Sweat and appears on the album I'll Give All My Love to You (1990).

You lied to me baby
Why did you have to lie to me baby
No no no no no no no no

I don't want nobody but you baby (ooh)
I don't need nobody but you baby (uh huh)

Told me you'll never never never never leave me
And tonight I'm all by myself
I'm all alone, with nobody else
Hoping that you'd come back to me

Sitting here thinking about your pretty face
And you put a smile on mine (miss you girl)

And the thought of you not being here with me is driving me wild

But if I could turn back the hands of time

Things would be some much differen't baby

I wouldn't give you a reason to leave like you did girl

No no no I would not baby

Come back
Come back come back
Come back to me baby
To me baby yeah my my baby come back come back to me my lady

Oh girl, sorry, for all the wrong I've done (I was so wrong)
But a man makes mistakes girl,
I won't lie
No I won't lie, no I can't lie I can't lie baby
And I feel for every single mistake I made girl
'Cause I don't have you baby
No no no (feeling without my baby, without the one you love girl)
Please girl please please girl come back I love you, miss you girl
'Cause I miss you so so bad
And if I could win your love back
I surely surely would baby
I wouldn't give you a reason to leave like you did girl
No no no I would not baby

Come back (yeah my baby, come back to me) come back to me baby
Come back (I want you) come back
Come back (I need you) come back (I love you) come back
Come back to me lady

I wanna know, right now baby, right now baby (right now baby)
I don't understand it (I'll never understand it)
This is not the way that I planned it
Girl I'm starting I'm starting to cry baby

Come back (yeah yeah yeah baby)
Come back baby (to me baby)
Come back (I wanna love you again girl)
Come back
Come back (don't you understand girl)
Come back
I miss you baby
Come back
I wanna love you
Come back
You lied

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