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Mommy Can I Come Home

This song is by Keb' Mo' and appears on the album The Door (2000).

Mommy can I come home?
Mommy can I come home?
Don't hang up before I have the chance to say I'm sorry
Are you listening?
There's no excuse for what I said to you
You probably don't miss me
Mommy can I come home?
I'm tired, hungry and alone
He told me he'd loved me
Then he showed me how to love him before he beat me
Turned me out at night, the car slowing down
He paid the price, well, it was easy
Mommy the streets are cold
I'm too young to feel so old
Ballerina wallpaper across my room
Teddy bears and pillows on my bed
Passed a woman on the street who looked like you
I remember then everything you said
Mommy can I come home?
I've run as far as I can go
Would it be all right if I stopped by
For a minute just to see you?
How about tonight when daddy's home?
I really need to see you
Mommy can I come home?
Mommy can I come home?
Mommy can I?
Mommy don't cr&121

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