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Wheely Shit

This song is by Kanye West.

Ay, ay, y'all know we poppin' wheely shit. Let's see who's really rich.
Yeah I ride the beat, I'm bout to pop a wheely bitch. Really this, I came up with on some silly shit. Look how good it is that show you who you're dealin' with. Y'all illi I'm iller, I'm from Illinois. Yo Big Shaun why don't you call ya Chi-Town boys. Show me where they at I will destroy you. 'Bout to fuck somethin' up I might as well call the lawyer. Good music run this bitch, yes we do. I know you think that damn I wish shay would bless me too. In the bull fight, in the restroom, it's best you go 'head and kiss the Jesus piece, 'cause I just blessed you. Uh, in holy water Issac gave Shay a slaughter, ever since the day that I opened up that midnight marauder. Now it's gon be ya problem like a brand new installment from the late great Mr. Christopher Wallace. They call us pompous, can I be honest? Honestly modesty wasn't ever in my policy. Apology accepted, you ain't sayin', shoulda said it. As soon as I did it all that bullshit was dead it. Get it?

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