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Summer Jam Freestyle

This song is by Kanye West.

That could of fucked up everything,
Nike already don't like me always hollerin' white T!
Dressed like I'm hype b!
Smilin' through my white teeth
Don't race against the American dream
Together we like the Kenyan marathon team
Three black, rap, acts that spit that crack
Never push that lac rather push something German
Lookin' for a Swedish bitch that I can put my sperm in
Brother don't stop the sermon
All I see is green call me Eric Sermon
All I spit is thermal,
Long sleeve flannel,
When I touch the birds,
Don't touch the channel,
Bought the Ratta purse,
She keep callin' it Chanel,
Never hit a bitch anal but I run shit annual
Yeah and that some dumb shit,
I never hit a bitch,
But I run shit dumb bitch,
And I mean that a nice sensitive word,
Just act like I'm some type of nice sensitive nerd
They say he's a dog,
I'm a dog on females,
Tak for the ones that's only in it for the retail
She see what you got
She see what we sell
Been married so much, I swear them girls on re-sell
She watchin' the draft she gotcha jersey all ready
She boughta' pick out a crib in jersey already
She boughta' be pregnant by Thursday already
Congratulations baby boy, on ya new baby boy

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