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Over Again

This song is by Kanye West.

Fuck these rappers...
Pussy actors...
Looking at the cover...
Thinking how to fuck half of these bitches get a deal
Now raise your hands if you feel me
But I don't really care if you don't
I gotta get that fame even if it kill me
But I know it will probably won't
Step up in my rap game but I really don't have to
They are rapping like they gotta I am rapping like I have to
She'd be giving me the looks
You better cough your chick 'cause she is after hook
Oh yeah she is super bad super bad

She is looking super good super good
I tell her leave your man leave your man
She said I know I should I know I should
You look so fine
You've been on my mind
Maybe we can spend some time
Maybe we can press rewind
And do it over again do it over again
And do it over again do it over again

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