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Magic Man

This song is by Kanye West.

I am the magic man
Got the world in his hands, world in his hands
He said I am the magic man, world in his hands, world in his hands
Is anybody out there [x3]

The magic man.
The show goes on in 6 minutes and this is his lovely assistant,
She's so beautiful don't you agree?
He made her to the star she always wanted to be,
Buhblaaoowww, are those the stars you wanted to see?
The magic man could make the roof disappear and every car in his fleet,
Was on dubbz, he could take a bird flip it to 3
Release the doves, turn any bar into the fight club,
Gotta fight every night to prove my love,
Ya messin with this joker but you need a king,
'Cause he'll club anybody tryna jack his queen,
Ima call a spade a spade from the start,
He gave you diamonds, shoulda gave you his heart, ya see?
Jealousy strikes again, but she, said I'm just tryna wave at the man,
Then he, turned her eyes black and blue with the wave of his hand,
The Magic Man...

[Verse 2] (Malik Yousef)

The magic man,
Abracadabra, from a dime piece to pieces of a dime bag lady,
Each package, new baggage,
Implemented a tragic plan,
A volunteer from the audience, for the magic man,
I have doubt my hat with natural flowers,
She wanted work but wouldn't put any actual hours,
Her dude had the keys to super natural powers,
So she still with this new guy who can supply that white tiger like Siegfried and Roy,

Indeed the boy, had that sweet street magic like David Blaine and she made it plain,
If I had any advice that could save her, I could just save it man, and I can't understand that baby,
She said you ain't no Houdini, ah I know I ain't,
I am an artist that can help you escape,
Do y'all feel that, or is it cold just in here,
For his next trick, TADA, he made her soul disappear,
The Magic Man...

[Verse 3] (Common)

The magic man,
Wallah, She knew that I was into the stars.
I didn't have to tip her, she was into my bars.
A Tender, as slender as the pictures you remember, when you were younger.
You wonder how she get from under, the sheets.
She do a trick and keep it discreet.
She wore a mink, fuck a rabbit just to keep the mystique
High like the magic frank had in the streets
In the sweetest way her status and her habits are meet
Its kinda tragic to see, this young woman cut in half.
Thought she was the one but she couldn't do the math.
In a flash, so fast I watch her ass disappear
He had game, pulled a quarter from the back of her ear, and macked in her ear
And played with her dreams, in a world where everything ain't the way that it seems.
Under her spell, she let any dave cop a feel, I tried to tell the girl the magic man is not for real
The magic man...

He's got the whole world in his hands.x4
He's got Natasha in his hands, He's got Stephanie in his hands.
He's got Jessica in his hands, He's got the whole world in his hands.
He's got your old girl in his hands. He's got your new girl in his hands.
He's got your next girl in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands.

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